4 Reasons You May Want To Invest In Titanium

Are you interested in expanding your investments into precious metals? Much has been said about gold and silver, but titanium is another metal that may be a solid investment in the years to come. Here are just a few reasons why titanium is appealing for investors.

1. Titanium Isn't Experiencing A Bubble

Many analysts believe that gold, up until recently, has been experiencing a bubble. Bubbles are very dangerous because it can be impossible to reliably predict when they will crash; a bubble naturally means that an investment is over priced. Titanium is not experiencing a bubble nor a marked increase in activity, meaning that titanium may be a safer investment and unlikely to experience a sharp crash.

2. Titanium Is In Demand

Titanium is commonly used in planes due to the strength and lightweight nature of the metal. From carrier planes to fighter jets, titanium is constantly in demand. As the aerospace industry grows, so too does the demand for more of this metal. Moreover, it's very easy to predict this type of demand simply by following the trends within the aerospace industry; by following news regarding the major airlines, you can predict the market for titanium.

3. Titanium Is Diverse

Titanium is used throughout a variety of applications: sporting goods, vehicles, aerospace, medical purposes, and more. Though aerospace may dominate its use, it is still required in these other industries—and this makes it a fantastic investment because its success does not hinge on the success of a single industry. Of particular note, titanium is very common in golf clubs, bicycles, and medical implants and it cannot be easily replaced by any other metal.

4. Titanium May Have A Future In 3D Printing

3D printing is one of the newest and most exciting technologies. 3D printing is being used heavily in the medical field to help create medical devices and titanium is one of the most often used material for medical devices. 3D printers have already been created to cast titanium. Thus, 3D printing and the medical industry may very well be poised to increase the value of titanium in the coming years.

Titanium is for sale not only on the stock exchange but also in physical form. Depending on your personal investment goals, you may want to either stock up on titanium-related stocks or physical bars and coins from places like Sackin Metals. Your financial adviser can tell you more about this fantastic investment opportunity.