Out On Bail? Avoid These Mistakes Before Your Court Date

If you've recently been arrested and were released on bail through a bail bond company, you will likely have several weeks or longer until your court date. During this time, you should obviously be on your best behavior and avoid getting caught up with any further problems with the law, regardless of whether you're innocent or guilty of your current charges. Specifically, there are a few other common mistakes you'll want to avoid while you're out on bond.

Not Keeping Information Current

First of all, make sure the information provided to your bail bondsman, lawyer, and the courts is accurate. If you change your address, get a new phone number, or change any of your contact information, you need to update this information with all involved parties. Otherwise, there could be a change in your court date and no way for anybody to get in contact with you. Your bail bondsman will also need to have your updated information on file to ensure you haven't fled the state.

Being Dishonest With Your Lawyer

Whether you hire your own lawyer or are using the services of a public defender, you need to be as honest with him or her as possible. Your lawyer is there to defend your rights and represent your best interests, but he or she can only do that if you tell the truth. Even if you know you were guilty of the crime, you should tell your lawyer so he or she can work to potentially work out a plea bargain or get your charges reduced in some way.

Traveling Without Telling Your Bail Bondsman

Last but not least, never travel out of state or out of the country without first speaking to the company that issued your bail bond. Even if you're just gone for an innocent weekend trip with your family, you could end up in serious trouble if your bail bondsman needs to get in touch with you and can't reach you. In some cases, there may even be stipulations written into your bond agreement that you are to remain in the state or country until your court date. 

These are just a few of the most common mistakes people unknowingly make when they are out on bail and waiting for a court date. By avoiding these prior to your own court date, you can avoid getting into any further trouble with the law.