Three Transactions You Can Perform At A Cryptocurrency ATM

Cryptocurrency is still a hot topic. In fact, to make sure this "secret money" remains relevant, other cryptocurrency technology companies have created devices that will further the "sale" and use of cryptocurrency. One of these devices, of course, is a cryptocurrency ATM. These ATMs are beginning to pop up in different areas of the country, such as Dallas, TX and New York City, NY, where cryptocurrency has taken a firm hold. If you are curious, here are three transactions that you can currently perform at a cryptocurrency ATM.

"Buy" Cryptocurrency

These ATMs help you convert actual cash to cryptocurrency. You are buying lump sums of the "hidden money" by inserting "x" dollars into the ATM, selecting the amount of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency you want, and depositing that cryptocurrency into a cryptocurrency account. You can use an app for a specific kind of cryptocurrency too. The app contains a QR code you can use to tap the screen of the ATM machine to start and finish your transaction digitally. 

Convert "Crypto" to Cash

You can also reverse the above process and convert "crypto" to cash. This allows you to make everyday purchases from individuals and businesses that do not accept "crypto." The ATM usually makes digital transfers and deposits, but there are a few cryptocurrency ATMs that will convert "crypto" to cash and dispense U.S. dollars. 

Provide a Banking Platform for Adults Who Cannot Get a Traditional Bank Account

Believe it or not, some adults cannot get a bank account. Other adults would prefer to avoid working with traditional banks, so they do not have bank accounts either. If you were to open a cryptocurrency account, you have an actual "bank account" into which to deposit your paychecks. The account apps for these currencies act as ATM cards so that you can access your money at any time, convert it, and/or pay bills with it once it has been converted from cryptocurrency. You keep more of your money, pay no banking fees, and this type of account hides what assets you have to prevent theft.

Want to Try It Out?

Now that you know a little more, and you think you would like to try cryptocurrency for yourself, find the apps and download them to your phone. The apps will tell you where the nearest cryptocurrency ATMs are located. Start with about $100, and convert that. If you do not like using "crypto," you can always convert it back to U.S. dollars and close your apps and accounts.

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