4 Tips To Prepare You For Applying For A Mortgage Loan

A mortgage loan is something most homeowners need to apply for before becoming a homeowner. This allows you to purchase a home without having to pay upfront for the entire cost of the home. Here are four tips to help you prepare for applying for a mortgage loan: Fix Your Credit: Before applying for a mortgage loan, it's a good idea to fix your credit first. The higher your credit score, the better your chances of even being able to get a mortgage loan. Read More 

Out On Bail? Avoid These Mistakes Before Your Court Date

If you've recently been arrested and were released on bail through a bail bond company, you will likely have several weeks or longer until your court date. During this time, you should obviously be on your best behavior and avoid getting caught up with any further problems with the law, regardless of whether you're innocent or guilty of your current charges. Specifically, there are a few other common mistakes you'll want to avoid while you're out on bond. Read More 

Did You Buy The House And Your Husband Wants It In The Divorce?

During a divorce, the toughest fight is usually either for child custody or home ownership. However, you bought your home long before you ever married your husband and have full right to it in the divorce, right? Not quite. You Don't Automatically Have The Right To It Even if you bought the house with your own loan and your husband didn't invest anything in it, there's a chance he could argue his right to keep the house. Read More 

When You Need Cash Fast: Understanding Your Payday Loan

Sometimes you can't wait until payday for the cash that you need. When you have an emergency, a payday loan can get you out of a jam. It's a short-term loan, and one that you will need to pay when you get paid. In general, these loans are for amounts less than $500, and you will need to write a check for the full amount of the loan due or provide the lender with electronic access to the funds for when the loan becomes payable. Read More 

A 6 Month Guide To Prepping Your Finances For A New Baby

Looking forward to becoming a first-time parent? Congratulations! There are probably a million things you are trying or planning to do to prepare for the baby to arrive. But among the most important are to make some financial planning preparations. Rather than stress yourself out by trying to handle them all at the last moment, here's a handy checklist for the last 6 months of your pregnancy. Month 1: Contribute to Savings Read More